Thursday, April 23, 2020

ADA Website Compliance: Mortgage Lenders the Target

Mortgage Lenders Targeted for ADA Website Compliance

Even without a real complainant, the petitioner succeeds in obtaining a judgment

You may have your loan-level compliance nailed; it's the rest of your operation that puts you at risk.

A recent demand letter a client received shows an excellent example of this. The law firm wanted a $25,000 settlement. ADA website compliance legal actions have risen over 300% from 2018 to 2019. Compliance blogs are abuzz with these actions. Because the mortgage industry offers Federally related financing, we represent an ideal target, too. With the threat of any legal action representing a risk to your ongoing business, you have to respond because of the waterfall effect on your license.

A client of ours just did that. He corrected his website at a substantial cost and time investment - $10,000 and six weeks. But he still had to go to an ADA compliance consultant and get a certificate of compliance and, even after that, there were still problems. The issue is incredibly complex because of the vast array of disabilities you have to accommodate, not just blind individuals, but color blind, learning disabled, input impaired, and so on.

This urgent crisis prompted me to investigate possible solutions for our clients. It's not just about finding your website's problems (there are plenty of scare tactics out there); it's really about minimizing the investment required to fix problems today and going forward.

Here's a solution which, after installing one line of code in your website header, on the fly renders an ADA compliant site and provides you with a compliance certificate. Problem solved.