Friday, November 4, 2011

If I gave you a FREE Tree, and it saved you money...

...Would you plant it? 

That's what Pepco is doing.  It's not rocket science - everyone knows it's cooler in the shade, yet we let our houses (with their black, heat absorbing roofs) sit complete exposed while we throw money at our utilities to cool our homes.  The best antidote to sun is shad, and the best way to get shade in the summer (and not in the winter when you want the sun to warm your home) is to strategically plant trees.

Utility companies across the country are becoming partners with the Arbor Day Foundation to help reduce energy use through strategic tree planting..

Energy-Saving Trees is a research-based tool intended to help homeowners and utility companies save energy and money by strategically planting trees. This really cool (no pun intended) tool sees how much shading your house will do to reduce your energy costs.  AND a tree sequesters carbon! Learn More.

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