Friday, March 17, 2017

Updated Regulatory Compliance One-Pager

Mortgage Compliance One-Pager - Desk Reference/Study Guide for laminating

Updated 3/17/17

I recently re-took the NMLS' National Test with Uniform State Component. I neglected to take the Uniform State Test add-on when it first came out, but thought that if I needed to add additional licenses later, it wouldn't be so bad to re-take the National Test. I worried that I might have a problem because the last time I took it, I really struggled with the intricate test questions, puzzling over three or possibly four correct answers to decide which one was the "best right answer." This time, I found the test questions much more straight-forward. The bad news: I didn't score 100. What did I get wrong?

I should have studied my own mortgage compliance guide!

I have found that people don't really like to read pages and pages of material. "Can't you cook it down for me?" they ask. So we did. We authored a series of "QuickNotes" (QuickStart: QuickNotes... get it?) which have helped thousands cram and pass the national test. These one page "cheat sheets" boil the material down to its most fundamental level.

Regulatory Compliance Matrix - Click to Download

 Click to Download Regulatory Compliance Matrix

Document Not Clicking? Try this link.

Loan officers love our cheat sheets. Compliance trainers and regulators hate them. "There's not enough content!" they complain. But the infographic tells it all. Sure you can study MORE, but loan officers aren't attorneys. We get lost reading 3000 pages of code. Just like an attorney or compliance officer would get lost reading 3000 rate sheets and program guidelines a day.

We use this methodology in our new loan originator training, too. Instead of 2000 words describing how to to something, we give an illustrated form, a checklist, or a reference tool like this one which highlights Ability to Repay Guidelines.

Ability to Repay and Mortgage Knowledge Tools - Click to Download

 Download Ability to Repay Matrix

Click here to download these tools at no cost or obligation. Also, feel free to provide feedback.

What I THINK I got wrong...

  • PMI Cancellation @78% 
  • Do Not Call from 8am to 9pm
  • Balloon Payment Qualifying
  • Section 32 (High Costs) max Debt Ratio is 50%
  • Confusing question on Finance Charges with options I would consider ALL to be finance charges. (I think they wanted the recording fee, still not sure)

These items are ALL on the study guides, so my advice is to study these all. I knew I was going to pass, but I was surprised about how many questions I had to review at the end.

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